Stop Chew for Dogs

Helps to prevent undesirable chewing, of items and themselves.

The extremely bitter taste of Stop Chew quickly discourages undesirable chewing habits whilst its low toxicity formulation ensures safety for your pet.

Aids in the prevention of undesirable chewing or licking of household articles or when self-mutilating.
Some studies suggest that a very small population of dogs may not be affected. In this instance, we recommend using Aristopet Animal Health Household Repellent (not on the pet's body).

To discourage unwanted behaviours use safe and effective Stop Chew For Dogs spray to stop dogs chewing and licking

125ml or 500ml Spray Bottle

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Active Ingredients

200mg/L Denatonium Benzoate

How to Use

On dogs: Apply to affected area of coat until wet to skin. Allow to dry. Avoid spraying on wounds, eyes, and genitals.

On furniture: Lightly spray article, if applied on fabric, first test on an inconspicuous area for colour fastness. Not for use on veneer finishes. Repeat application as needed.

*Undesirable chewing behaviours can be a result of many underlying causes including teething in puppies, behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, boredom, as well as other underlying diseases. separation anxiety, teething, boredom or breed. Encourage acceptable chewing habits by providing your dog with appropriate chew toys. If problem persists seek professional help from your veterinarian.

Will Stop Chew damage paint on doors?

Stop Chew shouldn’t damage paint. We recommend spraying a small amount in an inconspicious spot to test.

Why is my dog still chewing after using it?