Cleansing Spray for Cats

Ideal for cleaning and conditioning the coat without rinsing.

Non-irritating, tearless, pH balanced formulation, specifically developed for cats.

Aristopet Cleansing Spray reduces tangles and matting with anti-static agents that prevent flyaway hair when grooming. Fresh, clean and long lasting fragrance.

  • Removes dirt and grime
  • Deodorises coat
  • Cleans and conditions

250ml Spray Bottle

How to Use

  1. Hold spray approximately 20 to 30cm from the coat.
  2. Ruffle coat and lightly spray cat, avoiding the face. Gently work into the coat.
  3. For best results use a damp towel. For heavily soiled areas, apply additional spray.
  4. Remove excess from coat with a clean dry towel, working in the direction in which the coat lays.
  5. Keep cat in a warm place to avoid chilling.